December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas from the gang at Off The Hook!


December 21, 2016

I'd like to send out a special thanks to Mrs. Keaney and the 80 first graders at Arrowhead Elementary for hosting me for a book reading today!  It was, how should I say, OFF THE HOOK!


December 15, 2016

Check out the new character color pages at this link!


December 15, 2016

We had a little book giveaway yesterday at the Kiddie Academy in Lewis Center and from all accounts, the books did not last long! 

Thanks to the folks over at Lewis Center Kiddie Academy for letting me run this promotion!   If you're looking for a great center to care for your kids, look no further!  I can speak from experience as I have two in this center!


December 10, 2016

D. Donovan, a senior reviewer with Midwest Book Review, checks in with her review:

Any child who has ever wondered why there are ornaments on a Christmas tree, along with parents seeking refreshingly original read-aloud holiday stories, will find this whimsical tale of "hooked helpers" who hang out disguised as ornaments by day, only to spring off their branches as holiday helpers by night, makes for an entertaining, fun read.

Who, after all, fixes the tree lights, or makes sure the tree stand is stable? Who activates the tree's secret star topper to guide Santa to the right house? Some may say it's Dad; but in this case, it's helpful ornaments. So what happens when things go awry one Christmas, and the beacon vanishes - does that mean Christmas can't come?

Off the Hook is a holiday adventure tale that will delight picture book readers and their read-aloud parental helpers for two reasons: its color drawings are exquisitely detailed and well-done, and its story line is far different than...

December 3, 2016 has just weighed in with their review of Off the Hook.  Here is a sample:

Off the Hook is a wonderfully creative story with the illustrations perfectly matching the text into a logical and well-organized original Christmas story for children of all ages. Numerous themes surround this short book such as cooperation, friendship, prejudice, stereotypes, diligence and doing not what is easiest, but what is the right thing.

Surprisingly, each ornament is an independent character with an individual personality humanizing each and even revealing a little of every person’s hidden prejudices and biases.

The colorful illustrations perfectly match the text entrancing readers from as young as 2 to 102 focusing on the individual ornaments and the children.

This enchanting Christmas novel is available as an e-book or a paperback.
Off the Hook is a wonderful Christmas story that will endure the test of time becoming a new family traditional story to be shared with generations.

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