February 24, 2018

I took my first plunge into overseas printing last year and ultimately ended up going with a company out of Pennsylvania called PRC Book Printing.

While there were some bumps along way I want to post this review because of the very positive experience I had with their customer rep, Heather Kustra.  She did an excellent job communicating, answering all of my questions, and following up on the various issues we ran into during this process.

Unfortunately one of the issues was a pretty significant printing problem affecting a few hundred books but to PRC's credit they reviewed the flaws and then worked with their China printing partner to refund me for the damaged books.  They are now also taking the necessary steps to make sure something like this does not happen again in the future.

Mistakes are going to happen but what I really admired was PRC's commitment to resolving this in a satisfactory manner.  It's rare to find good customer service these days so if you're...

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