August 31, 2019

Just a quick post to let you know that has added both Off the Hook and The Good Mood Book to their online store.

This is really cool because unlike Amazon, authors can't add their own books to as they pick and choose what they want to include.

As you can see they are featuring the old Off the Hook cover which is out of print so it should come with the updated cover.  I ordered a copy to verify and will update this post with the results.  (UPDATE: The book does come with the new cover)

This comes on the heels of adding Neat Freaks and The Good Mood Book to their online store a few days ago.

I"m not sure what prompted these outlets to recently add my books but I'm not complaining just celebrating as the more outlets the merrier!

So thanks to both Walmart and Target!  It's great to see them including self-published titles on their platforms.


August 16, 2019

This post on a blog called "BakedBree" absolutely made my day.

Bree, a mother of three, has a really cool Christmas tradition which I'll let her explain from her blog:

"Each year, I give the kids a Christmas book with a little note and the date inside. There is also an extra book that also gets the year inside, and that one is for the house. Each child gets their own book and when they grow up and have their own families to celebrate Christmas with, they will take them with them. The extra book for the house will stay with me, and hopefully, God willing, Wes and I will read them to our grandchildren.

I started this tradition 14 years ago, on William’s first Christmas. I wrap the books and give them to the kids with a new pair of Christmas pajamas. They open their books, put on new jammies, we read them, and send them to dream of sugar plums and reindeer. That is the idea, but you probably have kids and know that isn’t how it works. But that’s the intention….

I should also mention that they...

August 8, 2019

Some good news for The Good Mood Book as it was recently named an Honorable Mention at the 2019 Story Monsters Purple Dragonfly Book Awards in the Picture Books 5 & Younger category!

You can read more about the The Good Mood Book here.

This marks the very first award for this book.  Thanks Story Monsters!


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