May 30, 2019

UPDATE:  Off the Hook has now made the semifinalist cut @ StoryPros!  Finalist will be announced in another week so all hooks are crossed!

ORIGINAL POST:  Just a quick post to announce that StoryPros, based out of Woodland Hills, California, has named the Off the Hook screenplay a quarterfinalist in the Family/Teen/Animation category. 

This marks the 13th award for the screenplay. Thanks StoryPros!


May 4, 2019

I'm excited to announce that the Off the Hook screenplay has just been named a semifinalist in the Spring edition of the Big Apple Film Festival Screenplay Contest. 

The full list will be posted on their web site soon but in the meantime, you can read a pretty impressive list of actors like Jessie Eisenberg, Cuba Gooding Jr, and Haley Joel Osment, whose films have been recognized by BAFF here. 

This marks the twelfth award for the screenplay.  You can see the full list of awards here.


December 2, 2017

I just received some exciting news in that the Off the Hook screenplay has been named an Honorable Mention in the Emerging Screenwriters contest.  So out of 2,000 scripts entered in this contest Off the Hook placed in the top 13 -- very cool!  

This marks the 11th placement for Off the Hook in screenplay contests and comes after a great night selling Off the Hook books at the Pickerington Holiday Gathering (more on that later).

Thanks for the honor Emerging Screenwriters!


November 3, 2017

Some more good news to share on the Off The Hook screenplay:

"Dear John,

We’re writing to let you know that your script Off the Hook has been selected as one of our Top 100 Screenplays in this year’s $25,000 Feature/Pilot Competition. Congratulations!

The number of entries received in the 2017 competition was the largesst in Emerging Screenwriter’s history, with your script rising to the top of 2000 other screen- and teleplays. You can find the list that includes your work at the link below. We invite you to share the list with everyone and anyone, and don’t forget to add the success to your ISA Profile so that you can share it with Industry Professionals connected through their system.

One important note: while we understand that it has been a while since you entered and you may have done more work on your screenplay, we will not be able to accept any revised versions for this year’s contest. The good news is your work as already gotten you this far.

Congrats again, and stay tuned for the...

October 27, 2017

Received word today that the Off The Hook screenplay has advanced to the semifinals in the Final Draft Big Break contest!  My category (family/animated) was cut down from 19 to 13 scripts and I'm thrilled to stay alive.

There's some incredible competition in there with scripts that have won major contests like the Page Awards and finished highly in the Academy's Nicholl Fellowships.

The next cut to the top 10 finalists should come in a week or two so we'll see if this script can match my top 10 finish (with an action script) from last year's contest.


October 4, 2017

I'm very excited to announce that the Off the Hook screenplay has just made the quarter-finals in the family/animated category of the Final Draft Big Break Contest!

The Final Draft Big Break Contest is one of the 6 or 7 heavyweights in the screenwriting contest world with entries totaling in the 7 to 8 thousand (yes, thousand!) range so it's very cool to make the first cut leaving just 19 left in my category.

This marks the 10th contest placement for the script (complete list can be found here) and I've been lucky enough to have it requested by some of the biggest agencies in Hollywood and even a director. Thus far that's as far as it's gotten but every placement helps keep the momentum going!

Last year I had another script called, Do or Die, finish in the top 10 in the action category so we'll see if Off the Hook can top that mark this year!

Thanks for the honor Final Draft! 


July 19, 2017

Some bittersweet news this morning in regards to the Off the Hook screenplay and the prestigious Academy Nicholl Fellowships.   And yes, I'm talking about the Academy -- the ones that give out those little gold statues once a year!

The good news is that the script made the Top 10% this year out of over 7,000 entries which is pretty cool.   The bad news is that according to the email they sent me (see below), it just missed out on the quarterfinals by 3 to 8 points.  OH SO CLOSE!

Can't win 'em all but rest assured I'll be back to stuff another script or two down Nicholl's chimney next year!

July 18, 2017

Dear John,

After completing over 15,400 reads, we’ve arrived at the next stage of the 2017 Academy Nicholl competition. After tallying the scores for the 7,102 entries, now we face the daunting task of informing too many writers of good scripts featuring compelling and entertaining stories, intriguing and engaging characters and strong craft that they have not advanc...

March 28, 2017

The Off the Hook Screenplay made a little noise at the Nashville Film Festival as it finished as a Semifinalist in their screenplay competition!


March 10, 2017

I'm excited to announce that the The 'Off the Hook' screenplay has made the cut into the semifinals in the Screencraft Family-Friendly Contest!  

A previous version of this screenplay advanced to the semifinals of this contest last year so let's see if some revisions are enough to push it into the finals!

I should be hearing back on the first batch of book contests in the next week or two so stay tuned!


February 9, 2017

Some more good news to report on the Off the Hook screenplay front as it has just advanced to the quarter-finals of the Screencraft Family-Friendly Contest!

Last year this script made it to the semi-finals of this contest so after a rewrite that was the direct result of improvements from writing the book version of this story (for example -- Sergeant Rough Stuff and the Green Bearets were not in the original version of the screenplay), let's see if it can match, and hopefully beat, last year's placement!

I've got the book entered in 9 contests so here over the next few months I will report back if it does any damage in those! 


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