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Off The Hook Makes TB Launch Pad Top 75!

I'm thrilled to announce that the Off the Hook screenplay has just made the Top 75 of the Tracking Board Launch Pad Competition!

With over 4,500 entires this means that the script finished in the top 1.7% of ALL entries. Just awesome!

Here are their comments on why they say to read the screenplay:

"With a unique take on a Christmas tradition that will delight both kids and their parents, the writer is able to make this story their own by providing the Christmas tree ornaments with individual personalities and keeping them active with clear goals and purpose. The banter is witty and fun and keeps the story moving even before they leave the comfort of the living room. Once the adventure starts, the high stakes escalate with every obstacle and the addition of the ticking clock, counting down to when Santa arrives, is both adorable and the perfect motivation. Ending with positive themes of family, friendship, and the holiday spirit, this script has the potential to touch generations of kids."

The folks behind this screenplay competition really go to bat for their writers and I could not be more excited to be a part of their Top 75!

Thanks for having me Tracking Board!

Alright -- back to writing screenplay #9 :)


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