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Thanks Mistletoe Magic!

We had a great weekend at the Mistletoe Magic event at the Dayton Convention Center that included meeting a lot of terrific folks who checked out/bought the book as well as meeting the amazing "Hoosier Santa" who was kind enough to send us the spectacular picture above!

And speaking of spectacular -- wait until you see some of his various costumes below that he wore throughout the show.

Amazing, eh? And that's just a few of them! We'd like to thank Hoosier Santa for the pictures and of course for his great company over the two days. You can learn more about Hoosier Santa at his web site here.

Next I want to give a big thank you to the organizers for the promotion which included this fun little blurb in their handout:

Finally I want to send a special thanks out to Andy, Jodi, their adorable daughter Lydia (seen below) and the biggest supporter of this book, Junior, for their visit to our table. We love you guys!

This show marks the last event of the season so thanks again to everyone in Grove City, Chillicothe, Fairmount (Indiana), Pickerington, Wilmington, and Dayton for putting up with us and may all of your Christmases be OFF THE HOOK!


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