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I'm excited to announce that I have just released a new children's picture book called, The Good Mood Book!

Here is the book description:

Join the fun-loving Good Mood Gorki as it takes a sad girl on a magical adventure packed full of "good mood" wonders designed to bring her cheer and make her frowns disappear! It had big friendly eyes And walked with a wiggle. And at night its job was To turn frowns into giggles! "I'm the Good Mood Gorki," Said the creature with pleasure. "I'm here to cheer you up With a magical adventure!" With bright and colorful illustrations featuring a galaxy of sweets, a park full of puppies, a volcano that erupts fireworks, and much much more -- The Good Mood Book is a quick and uplifting bedtime story to help end your child's tough day with a smile!

I was asked often last year at the shows my wife and I did for Off the Hook if I had anything for younger kids. I had written the first draft of a more traditional picture book called, The Good Mood Book, about two years ago but I wasn't sure if I would self-publish it. Well, after discussing with my family (and getting a big push from my eight year old daughter who loves it) back in January we decided to move forward!

So I teamed up with Eminence System, the same folks who did the incredible illustrations for Off the Hook, ran it through a couple of editors, and then worked with an amazing typesetter/designer named Elena Reznikova over at -- and ten months later I couldn't be more pleased with the results.

The book is perfect for ages two to five, is twenty-four pages long, and features twenty-one illustrations -- without spoiling too much here are a couple of them:

The book is currently available in Kindle, paperback, and hardback through Amazon. Please check it out and if you like it I can use all the positive Amazon reviews I can get to help spread the word!

Thanks for all your support!

UPDATE: The Good Mood Book won an Honorable Mention at the 2019 Story Monsters Purple Dragonfly Book Awards. You can read more here.


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