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Thanks For The Painting, Kylee!

I'm happy to announce that I received my first official fan mail for Off the Hook and it couldn't have come from a more perfect place!

Tracie, from Williamsport Ohio, had bought a book from the Westfall Middle School a few weeks ago for her granddaughter, Kylee. Last week, Tracie sent me an email with the following after she gave it to her granddaughter:

"Kylee was so excited with the book that she didn't put it down until she finished it, she is eight years old. The note you wrote in the front made her so happy. That evening she had me help with painting on a piece of slate, when we were done she told me it was a thank you gift for you for writing the book. I was wondering if you would have a problem with me mailing you the gift? She is determined that you get it."

Thank you Kylee for the painting and your determination to to get it to me -- I LOVE your work and will take great care of it! I also want to thank Tracie for taking the time to send it to me -- it completely made my week!

Enjoy the season, Tracie and Kylee, and may your Christmas be Off the Hook!


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