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Thanks Becky And Family!

The picture above is of retired teacher, Becky Hicks, and her husband, reading Off the Hook to her granddaughter's third grade class at a school in Colorado this past December. Becky resides in Cape Girardeau, Missouri and is in a sling because she fell down some stairs a few days before this photo and chipped off a piece of humerus in her shoulder -- ouch! The good news is that she's fine now and she obviously didn't let her injury slow her down!

Becky and I have been trading a few emails over the past month and she mentioned she stumbled upon Off the Hook when she did a search on new Christmas books for older kids. She took a chance on it and, thankfully, she really enjoyed it! In fact, she enjoyed it so much she gave all those third graders ornaments to go along with the book and bought an extra copy for her other grandchildren, two of which (ages 4 and 6) are pictured below:

I can't thank Becky enough for her support and sharing Off the Hook (and The Good Mood Book) with all these kids as well as these great photos. But most of all, I want to thank Becky's grandchildren for making these drawings of Bottlecap:

This next one is from Becky's two year old grandson. She said there was a snowman, but then he colored it. Lol!!

I have three words to describe all of these...


Thanks again Becky and I hope you and your family had a very merry Christmas!


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