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Born in Vicenza, Italy while his dad was stationed there, John is a US Army brat and also a US Army veteran himself who holds a BS from Wright State University and an MBA from Thomas More College.  John works as a technology professional in Columbus, Ohio, and is a husband and father of three awesome kids.

John enjoys spending whatever extra time he can find working out, writing, and watching/playing hockey.  He has written ten screenplays which have combined to win over twenty-five awards along with three children's books, including the multi-award winning storybook, Off the Hook: A Christmas Ornament Adventure.  You can see his writing profile @

Neat Freaks is dedicated to friends of the Arvai family who inspired the book (and are also in it!) when they would tell their kids the Neat Freaks were coming if they didn't clean up their toys.  This concept stuck with John for a couple of years until, with the family's permssion, he decided to write the book and have it brought to life in amazing fashion by producer, Andy Wheeler of Bear With Us Productions, and illustrator, Adam Walker-Parker -- both out of the UK.


Neat Freaks was officially released to "clean up" messy playrooms in June of 2019. 



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