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"This is a great way of telling children to tidy up before they go to bed or they may have to face the consequences – which is losing

all their toys. If I was a child, this story would have me leaving my

and I don’t think a child would feel angry with them but would laugh with and at them. The idea that they are playing and having fun with their toys is quite funny. Loveable rogues, really. The illustrations are simple yet colorful and draw the eye, and the rhyming is fun in telling the tale. This cute story will have children checking the couches every morning for the Neat Freaks, without a doubt."

-Jane Finch, Readers' Favorite, 5 stars

The thing about this story is that although the Neat Freaks are very naughty, they also have a likable quality about them,

room spick and span every night without fail! 

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"For parents that may be getting a little frustrated with toys and things left everywhere, Neat Freaks does a good job of encouraging cleanliness in a way that's relatable to young children. With fun imagery that brings to mind current animations like the Minions or Smurfs, Neat Freaks is sure to delight young readers. Arvai invites the reader on a journey of wonder and humor in a fun and engaging way.

As I was reading Neat Freaks, I felt it's a perfect story for

bedtime and one that would resonate with parents and children alike. Each line of work evokes an image and mood that I'm sure will keep young readers returning to the page again and again. Arvai keeps the message of his work consistent with a tone that is lighthearted but lets each page carry a lot of emotional impact. In Neat Freaks, John Arvai III crafts a simple collection of words and images that is sure to sit with the reader long after the last page is read."

-Kayti Nika Raet, Readers' Favorite, 5 Stars

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"Neat Freaks reminded me of the fairy tale wherein the shoemaker is assisted at night by unseen elves, who help the overworked man by finishing his orders while he sleeps. Arvai’s Neat Freaks seemed to have the potential to do likewise for the two children in the story who, tired after a long day of play, went to sleep with chores undone. 

Alas, the Neat Freaks don’t seem to be as public-spirited as the shoemaker’s elves, though they must delight mothers and dads who have despaired of getting their kids to clean up after themselves. Arvai’s tale is suitably droll and funny, and Adam Walker-Parker’s illustrations make those mischievous and funny Neat Freaks come to life."

-Jack Magnus, Readers' Favorite, 5 stars

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"Neat Freaks enjoys bright, large-size, colorful illustrations by Adam Walker-Parker as it provides picture book readers with a rhyming dilemma: "Toys were left out in a state of disgrace. It looked like an earthquake had shook the whole place."

As events progress and take quite an unexpected turn, parents who attempt to teach the importance of tidiness will especially find this book's message appealing and unique.

As the mess is addressed by the mysterious Neat Freaks and the nighttime miracle assumes a 'Night Before Christmas' feel, it becomes known that the Neat Freaks travel through couches seeking messes to clean up. But, are they really cleaning up, or having a bit of play?

Why clean up? The answer is provided in a hilarious story of Neat Freaks with an appetite for disaster in a tale highly recommended as a fun adventure with an engaging message."

D. Donovan

Senior Reviewer

Midwest Book Review

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