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  • John Arvai III

First Neat Freak Plush!

My wife recently surprised me with a Neat Freak plush custom made from a company called, Budsies. Here is Adam Walker-Parker's illustration that they based it on.

I gotta say that Budsies did a FANTASTIC job!

The only problem is the book is called, Neat Freaks, so this guy is gonna get lonely real quick. Guess I'll need to have Budsies make him some friends real soon.

Budsies had done one for a previous book of mine as well (The Good Mood Book) and that one came out great, too. Here is a pic including Sergeant Rough Stuff (Off the Hook) which has a custom made camo outfit for a standard build-a-bear and he even has Green Bearet dog tags (again -- all wife):

Neat Freaks is now available on hard cover via Amazon so pick yourself up a copy soon!


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